Why wouldn’t I want prayer?

Why wouldn’t I want prayer?

I had a wonderful time Monday night meeting Sean! He is sitting at the bus stop by himself, smiling from ear to ear. His joy is infectious. I introduce myself and we strike up a conversation. He is living in an apartment two blocks away and loves it. Bouncing on the bench, Sean cheers, “There is a great view from the roof! Have you ever been on the roof? It’s awesome. You can see the water and the mountains!” My co-worker Ben has been on the roof of Sean’s apartment building and enthusiastically agrees. Sean tells us that he was in the hospital with a broken foot and a cracked rib. His ninety-year old mother was taking care of him. The fact that his mom is healthy enough to care for him makes him smile. “She provided healing for my foot!” His rib is still cracked, and he has a hard time sleeping. While sharing the details of his injury, he can’t help but make eye contact with me. It seems like he has a question that we both already know the answer to.

I am overwhelmed by the reality that God and Sean both want me to pray! I ask Sean if he would like to pray about his rib. I suggest it as an option if he wants. I don’t want him to feel on the spot or pressured so I present it as delicately as possible. He responds with enthusiasm. “Why wouldn’t I want you to pray for me? Why wouldn’t I want healing prayer?” We laugh and I sit down next to him. He places my hand over his rib. It is protruding out and obviously broken. I begin to pray, thanking God for his power, love, and healing. I can feel the very real and radical faith that Sean has in God. He really trusts that God is his provider. As we continue to pray, his rib pops back into place. Amen!

Sean says he feels better, and the smiling continues. Sean stands up and says he has a question. “You guys are probably the right people to ask!” I wonder what his question is going to be. I anxiously prepare to answer questions like, “Why does God not heal everyone? How come there is so much suffering in the world. How can a good God offer his son as a sacrifice for humanity?” I sit down and wait for the theological drama that is sure to ensue. Instead, Sean grabs my shoulder and asks, “Do you think I should wear a Santa suit this year while I spare change?” This may be the best question and response to a God that heals cracked ribs at bus stops! Yes, Sean you should for sure dress up like Santa!

“The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.” (Psalms 118:24 NIV).

Michael Cox

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